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Satisfied? ABSOLUTELY! Yes we do refer Mortgage Logic!

Karen G.

Thank you for your generous support and time during a very trying time for me. I very much appreciated your help. Thank you, thank you.

Francoise C.

Really impressed with your service! You guys did things I didn’t know about, I’d be happy to refer you guys anytime I get a chance. You guys really know your stuff!

Ernie & Rose A

Good rate! You really know your stuff! Loved the rate. Made others envious. Buzz is a great guy – Absolutely do recommend Mortgage Logic!

William & Patricia L.

Buzz – personally was amazing! Our friends are shocked by our rate you got for us!

Norman & Niki Z.

Great service! I’m doing wonderful things to my house, taking my daughter to Marineland and Niagara Falls. Everyone knows that I’m using Mortgage Logic.

Stephanie P.

Really well actually- pleasantly surprised due to experience with other Broker. The product and speed were comforting. So positive. Met our needs completely!

Chris A. and Lisa S.

Seamless! Buzz was absolutely fantastic! When those build draws came up, I didn’t even have to bat an eye. No hassles! Yes, I’ll tell my friends and family about Mortgage Logic.

Dr. Sean A. & Dr. Shelley Z.

Just glad I did use you! Second time with Mortgage Logic. First time you beat my bank who didn’t have the confidence in me to be a landlord, Mortgage Logic got me financed. I recommend you to everyone!

Cliff P.

Really Good service. Very happy. Very enlightening about what I can and cannot do, which banks don’t do. I could use more business cards of yours.

Randy P.

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