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Market Indicators

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Market Indicators

Here you will find web links to various important market and statistical data as well as information that directly and indirectly impacts market interest rates available to us all. The information can be analyzed in three basic cause and effect groups.

Three Basic Cause and Effect Groups

1) Short Term Policy Effected Rate Indicators

Those that relate to The Bank of Canada’s Monetary Policy and their direct manipulation of the Target Overnight Lending Rate (used by the banks for settling daily transactions), which in turn directly effects the Prime Rate of interest upon which variable (or adjustable) rate mortgages are based.

2) Longer Term Market Rate Indicators

Those that relate to the Bond Market and GIC market that directly impact the fixed term/rate mortgage market.

3) Indicators that impact both of these types of rates indirectly

These are indicators such as exchange rates, stock market indices, GDP, unemployment etc.