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Home inspection? Should I spend money on one?

A home inspection should be performed by a qualified professional. It is a visual examination of the property to determine the general condition of the home. The inspector will visually review and check all major components and working systems of the property. A detailed formal report of the results of the inspection should be provided to the purchaser within 24 hours.

An inspection can give you a feeling of comfort for one of the largest and most important purchases you will ever make. It can make your decision less stressful. The results of an inspection can be used to negotiate further on your purchase. It can indicate major or minor repairs required. An inspection report can recommend having an engineering inspection/report done if more serious foundational problems are suspected. Typically a home inspection can not give opinion, confirm or report on foundational issues.

Home inspections will help take away doubts and unknowns and should give you a very good idea of how much you may need to spend or re-negotiate due to repairs and replacements required for the property.