Mortgage Logic

If I am renewing my mortgage, when should I start shopping the market with Mortgage Logic?

Most lenders will allow a rate lock-in for switching to them for 60-90 days. They will guarantee that you will get that rate, or lower if rates drop by the time your current mortgage matures. Let us start shopping around, don’t leave it until the end because you may miss a very low rate window of specials that may come on the market. If you are doing a straight switch of your mortgage and not increasing the amount (re-financing), your new mortgage company may cover the costs of the switch.

Renewal notices sent out by most lenders will offer to their borrowers their posted rates. These rates are usually not their best rates. We will investigate a lower rate in the market and secure that for you. Making a simple phone call (204) 885-3438 or Email Us is all it takes to get you the lowest rate on the market and save thousands of dollars!