Mortgage Logic

Mortgage Renewals

Don’t get stuck with a higher rate than you deserve! Don’t do what most mortgagors do!

If your Mortgage is coming up for renewal don’t just sign the renewal form that is sent out to you and return it to your bank or mortgage company. The majority of mortgage holders, as amazing as it seems, do. This will result in a higher rate and inflexible mortgage product for your changing needs! The market is ever evolving with new and better mortgage products, and your best rate is secured through a mortgage broker like Buzz.

Another lender will typically offer you a better rate and no cost to switch. Buzz can also negotiate your way through with your existing lender if you want to break your term and renew at a lower rate. Start by letting Buzz know 30 to 60 days ahead of your renewal date. You will get locked in for the best rate on the market and lower if rates drop prior to your renewal date.